Sl.No             Paper ID             PAPER TITLE               AUTHORS              
01 IJAPIE-2016-10-401 Comparative Analysis of effect of Turning Parameters on Surface Roughness and Hardness of Austenitic Stainless Steel under dry and conventional cooling conditions   1. Rajendrakumar V. Kadi
2. Suresh T. Dundur
02 IJAPIE-2016-10-402 Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Thrust, Torque and Surface Roughness during Drilling of EN31 using Fuzzy Logic   1. Shadab Ahmad
2. Sahil Nanda
3. Ranganath M. S
4. Bhupendra Singh
5. Md J.Akhtar
03 IJAPIE-2016-10-403 Design of UAV and its optimisation using Genetic Algorithm   1. A L G Prasad
2. N S Raghav
3. K Srinivas
04 IJAPIE-2016-10-404 Product Platform Design Based on Common Components   1. Ankur Raman Goldar
2. Prashant K. Jain
05 IJAPIE-2016-10-405 Simulation of Inertia Friction Welding of Mild Steel and Aluminium 6061 using Finite Element Method on ABAQUS   1. Pushpandra Nimesh
2. Rajiv Chaudhary
3. R C Singh
4. Ranganath M. S
06 IJAPIE-2016-10-406 Consumption and Market Beta: Empirical Evidence from India   1. Nand Kumar
2. Atin Minocha
3. Archana Singh
07 IJAPIE-2016-10-407 Customer Base Analytics to improve CLV for Telecom industry using clustering techniques and Decision Tree   1. Shivali Vij
2. Smridhi Gupta
3. R. Srivastava
08 IJAPIE-2016-10-408 Reduction in Vehicular Pollution and cost of fuel in Gulbarga city -A case study   1. S. L. Bhandarkar
09 IJAPIE-2016-10-409 Experimental Analysis of a Swirl Atomizer for High Differential Pressure   1. Roop Lal
2. Gaurav Luthra
3. R. C. Singh
4. J. Singh
5. K. Khanna
6. Suresh Lal
10 IJAPIE-2016-10-410 Simulation Of High Capacity SDM Transmission System with Combined 21 DWDM Channels over 1000-Km Few Mode Fiber Enabling MIMO Equilizer   1. Ibraheem Abullah
2. Musadaq Mahir