Sl.No             Paper ID             PAPER TITLE               AUTHORS              
01 IJAPIE-2016-04-201 Optimization of Process Parameters with Effect of Thrust and Torque in Drilling Operation   1. Ashish Tripathi
2. Ranganath M. Singari
3. Vipin Dahiya
02 IJAPIE-2016-04-202 Measuring Efficiency of IPL Players Using EATWOS   1. Nand Kumar
2. Archana Singh
3. Apoorv Verma
4.Tushar Sonal
03 IJAPIE-2016-04-203 Selection of Tool Material and Pin Geometry for Friction Stir Welding: A Review   1. Mohd A. Hussain
2. Mohd Shuaib
3. Sumit K. Gupta
4. Sharul K. Srivastava
04 IJAPIE-2016-04-204 Enhancement of power system damping using Fuzzy Power System Stabilizer   1. J. N. Rai
2. Ram Bhagat
05 IJAPIE-2016-04-205 Utilization of an Industrial Waste Product from Thermal Power Plants in Civil Construction   1. Alok Verma
06 IJAPIE-2016-04-206 Morphometric Analysis of Sukhna Catchment Area Using GIS   1. S. Anbukumar
2. Gurleen Kaur
07 IJAPIE-2016-04-207 Effect of Speed and Feed on Surface Roughness During Drilling of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer   1. Ranganath M S
2. Sachin Atwal
3. Rajiv Chaudhary
4. Sudhir. G. Warkar
08 IJAPIE-2016-04-208 Analysis and Synthesis of Gold Nano Particles.   1. Sumit Chaudhary
2. Sonia
3. R.C.Singh
4. Rajiv Chaudhary
09 IJAPIE-2016-04-209 Process Parameter Effect on Surface Roghness in Wire EDM   1. Vipin
2. Priya
10 IJAPIE-2016-04-210 Temporal Bone Fabrication using FDM Technique: Issues and Opportunities   1. Piyush D. Ukey
2. Ankit Nayak
3. R. V. Uddanwadiker
4. Prashant K. Jain